North American Sport Horse Breeder

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This new reference work, directed to the breeder of sport horses, specifically those in North America, presents the breeder with a fresh way to evaluate equine genetics through the pedigree, a method to identify key individuals in the ancestry that can be dominance building candidates, and with instruction on how to use this information to construct the most advantageous mating. The application of these breeding principles is focused on the Olympic-style sport horse but is just as applicable to all other equine breeding endeavors.

Sure to surprise many is the revelation of how long and how committed North Americans have been in creating and enjoying true sport horses. The history section identifies the untapped sport potential that resides in our usually ignored domestic breeds; many of them carry far more sport DNA than we see in the genetic spectrum of the currently popular European horse.

The text is divided into three main sections. The first provides a history of the North American sport horse from earliest Colonial times to the present, how the international model of competition came about, the contribution of the Cavalry Remount Program to our domestic sport horses, and the enduring talent of our hunter-bred sport horses. The reader will come to understand the genetics of their current sport horse, whether it’s domestic or European, through learning how they originated.


About Kathleen Hiney Kirsan

You may say I am the least likely person to have written a book about sport horse breeding. I was not part of the horse culture in my younger years, and I did not even own a horse until I was 39. I was born in Boston and raised in its suburbs; I spent most of my adult life working in the construction industry.



The concept of international equestrian competition did not become a reality in the modern equine sport world until the turn of the last century, the 1900s. Most countries were breeding cavalry, coach, and sporting stock before this, but the international sport pursuits, those fashioned after hunter traditions, and the cavalry training for horse and rider became sport only at that time.


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